Saturday, August 15, 2009

Another Big Week!

Another Big week this week.

All the kids are Back at school, Including me so that was a good start.

We went for another explore drive up to Ollera Creek today and took some more pics.

Jack had a bit of a fish but not to many bites...

I think 'Lady' really loves to get out and into the bush.

Will is such a Bushy.....As soon as he got there the shoes were off and he was into the creek.

Was a nice little spot....Would not of gotten in there in the KIA though...

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Ollera Creek

Went for a drive out to Ollera Creek today for some exploring.

The Kids and I had a lot of Fun!!

Next time I would like to get a few more vehicles out there and really have a good look around..

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Day With My Son...Will..

Monday saw a day that I wanted to just Play.

Poor old Will never gets to many pics of his own, so we had a few hrs at LolliePops Fun House.

Playing Silly Bugga's

What's That?

Look at Me use my Knife and Fork.

Race me Dad!

Beat Ya!

Monday, July 27, 2009

One day I saw a Dragonfly,
Its vibrant colours caught my eye.
As it was sitting still in fear
While hungry birds were circling near.

Then it hopped and flew
Its spirit was restored like new.
Its rainbow wings buzzed through the air
It danced and played without a care.

But understand more beauty lay
Beyond the colour and in the way
It didn’t flee when all seemed bleak
It found an un-tapped bravery steak.

How lovely such a dainty creature,
Has shown me thing, has been my teacher.
You see, the courage in its tiny wings
Proves freedom come from strength within.

Author Unknown....

Makes me think of my Kids....

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum!

Happy Birthday Mum!

This is My favourite Pic:

Uncle Ray and Will - The old and the New....Sorry Uncle Ray ;>

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to Grandad (Jack, Pappy) Lennox Would have been 103 Today.....Miss You Grandad...

Monday, July 13, 2009

Vroom Vroom Crash....

Had a great week end At the V8's not much to say but check out the pics.

Jack was also the photographer in this one...

Sunday, July 05, 2009

How good is This!


How Great Is This Weather!!!!

The Kids and I have been out and about fishing the Oceans and Rivers of Townsville......Haven't caught any fish...But....

Last Sunday I set up the kids rods, I whacked a small sinker and a red float onto Jacks and proceeded out to the wide open sapce of the back yard ;> and started his first ever rod casting lesson.


I have created a monster...

Five minutes later and I get the " Dad I can do it myself...."

A week later I'm embarrassed to stand beside him as he puts my casting to shame....

This was this morning down at the local weir - walking distance from home.

I think Kate is going to be a Big Game Fish specialist with the little Rod Jig I made up for her chair

"Hey Kids want do you want to do today, Stay home and play the PlayStation...." "Nahh!!"

(Down the Strand with Jack's mate Keegan)

Keeg's Dad showing me how it's done - I can't cast a net to save myself....

How Good Is This!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Show!

Just got back from the Townsville Show, Thanks to the Starlight Foundation.

What a great time we had!

The kids had their best show yet I think.

We went fairly early so they got the chance to get a good look at the livestock.

Had a good go in the rides.

Jack and Will had their first drives in a Dodge-em and they did really well.

And Show bags and a feed to boot.

I'd like to make a BIG THANK YOU to the

Starlight Foundation for making this all Possible.


Please check out their website in my links, They do such good work!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kate on Spotlight!

Kate's class was on spotlight today at assembly which means they get to stand up (most anyway) and present a story or act or something alike.

Kate's class has been writing a story about dinosaurs.

The first few students read a paragraph each then every other student spoke about their drawing of their dinosaur.

Kate used her Liberator 14 to talk about her dinosaur to the whole of the school.

She did very well and was very chuffed with herself.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Let There Be Light!

These are my lights for My (Kate's) Delica

Fitted them today!

EDIT - Had to remove them again as they are not legal in Aust......Oh Well!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hello To Nathan!

Hope all is well and not to boring in East Timor!

Queen's B'day Long Weekend.

Well another four days at Broadwater was on the cards for the Droopy family again.

The Camping Trailer that we usually hire was written off a few weeks ago in a accident (no one was hurt, luckily) So I had one week to get our trailer back up to scratch.
After hitting it with the wire wheel on the grinder and a couple of coats of KillRust (the inside only), next was to flip the axle under the springs to give a bit more height and to make room for some new (second hand) ATR tires, greased up the wheel bearings and she was ready.
The new flaps worked a treat as there was hardly any dirt or mud on the front of the trailer. I made them last week!

This time we popped in on Jim on the way up and he then returned the favour by popping in on us at camp.
We even came across another Delica Club member camped there So Hello to 'RuledbyVenus' Nice to meet you and your crew and to tag and be tagged by You. (First time I have been Tagged :lol: )

The weather was superb, Crisp cool nights and clear days.
The kids got straight into the mood of it and took off to the closest mud hole they could find to show me their off roading skills.

I even had to do some 'Roothy' inspired bush mechanics.

And nothing beats a cup of brewed coffee, Hot Chocolate, pancakes and a fire on a cold camping morning.

It's a fantastic drive in and out of this State Forrest, I always find the need of a pic of the view.

The Tribe:

(This pic was taken whilst stationary)

The Kids had a play with cylume sticks and long exposures on the camera and this is what we came up with!

We will probably be heading off somewhere again for the school holidays, So a bit more work on the trailer

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I know I know

Things have been a bit crazy here the last couple of weeks and I can't report on it all. Needless to say that everyone is well and we have had a

Pirate Day at school for Will:

A fantastic Camping trip:

And a 6th Birthday Party for Jack:
And it's going to get busier so I will keep you posted.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Island Trip!

Once again we headed over to the Island for a few days to visit Mum and Dad, Wade, Miki and Hana and this time we organised a decent meet up with Cooper64 and family.

Wednesday saw a drive out to West Point which I hadn't been for ages so that was pretty cool, The night before saw a bit of rain which made the trip a bit more fun for the kids (big and small - They told me to drive fast through the mud....honest).

This is a Mate's Delica:

The road was so rough it put Hana to sleep.

Who needs a Delica when you have a Roller Rad with BMX tires I say!

After West Point we all headed to Horseshoe bay where we had some fish and chips then Ice-cream on the beach front.

Thursday saw a cruise out to Radical Bay where once again the kids had a play on the beach, Saw some Koala's in the wild and we got another chance to fling some mud on the Deli's.

What a fantastic few days A big thank you to Mum and Dad, Wade, Miki and Hana and the Cooper Family and friends.