Monday, August 28, 2006

What A Week-End

Wow what a week end,
Donna and I took the kids to Sherrif Park,The Billabong and Maze Mania. They just love it and so do we. Kate's wheelchair was modified for her growth last week as she was falling out of it. She has new blow up tyres of the front wheels now so it's much nicer ride for her now. Received a call about my job interview on Friday it'd down to me and another fellow but they can't interview him till next week so I'm still a bit confident. Will has been sick with a cough etc but is coming good now. Our neighbor came home last night from East Timor haven't seen him yet but looking forward to having a beer with him.

Cheers Drew.P.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Another Day at the Park

Took the kids back to the park Sunday morning. They didn't stop for about an hour! I haven't loaded the Pics onto the computer yet as it crashed on Friday Night as I was trying to do an assignment. Lost some photos but that's about it! Had a story in the local community paper the 'Sun' last Wednesday - Front page too. A lot of people we've never met have recognized us out in the public and talked to us about the story. It's the biggest and best reaction to a story yet! It's all about the lack of services in North Qld for children with CP and the hardships of local families. The photo of my wife Donna, Kate and myself was the one on the front page of the newspaper and taken by Brian Lynch from the newspaper. The photo's of Jack and Will on their bike at the park Last week.

Cheers Drew P.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Big Weekend

Big Weekend this weekend Cultural Fest is on, Grandad's birthday on Saturday and the Cowboys are playing but I'm working. Not for long hopefully as I have Job interview on Wednesday, can't wait! Not much to report but really looking forward to a weekend with the family.

Cheers Drew P.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Day at the Park

Took the boys to the park on Monday and shot some great pics, they just love the park. They rode their bikes etc. around and kicked the footy for ages. Kate spent the morning at SEDU (special education development unit). She's gone to the dentist today for more fillings after her last episode of CVS (cyclic vomiting syndrome). The off to the doctors for her regular checkup. Spent my day at my teacher aide placement in special ed yesterday. Just love it but it's such a full on day. I have an interview next week sometime for my job application so I'm a bit excited about that. I'm working tonight on the boat so another late night. I'll do up some more pics from the park soon!

Cheers Drew P.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day Of Needles

Friday saw me Finish off my root canal work at the dentist with a permanent filling then off to the Red Cross for a blood donation of plasma (first time) all went well while the kids were at school/daycare. Headed off to work that afternoon for a rough trip out on the boat. Worked all weekend without anything to report, So I'm pretty tired tonight. Kate vomited Sat night so we were worried another bout and a trip to the hospital was coming, but my wife quickly gave her her medication and she slept all night and woke up fine. Applied for a job last week but haven't heard anything back yet.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

All My Kids From Clockwise Top Left
Jack, Will, Kate.

Today I Blog

Tonight I sit at the computer and read blogs of ones in the current conficts around the world. I cannot begin to wonder what it would be like to live in war! Five years ago I sat pondering with my wife about our (her) pregnency, discussing the possibilities of having a child with a disability. My wife is 6 years my senior and our thoughts were of Down Syndome and we decided not to have the tests because it wouldn't change the fact we were having a baby and if that's what was going to happen, then we would just get on with it. I did not know of, or anyone with Cerebral Palsy (CP) at that time BUT I sure know a lot now! I come across many people and everone has a story and this will be mine. From the daily pleasures and hardships we all face, to the absolute mindblowing situations my family have to put up, with just to give my daughter (and her 2 brothers) as normal a life as my wife and I fight for. But that's another post!