Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lazy Sunday’s

I love lazy Sunday's especially when they involve:

  • Cool Music

  • Cool Kids

  • Fruit Smoothies

  • Lots and Lots of Paddlepop Sticks

  • Paint

  • And Glue

What else do you need right!

Oh and a Blue Sky with the Sun shining.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just When You Thought It Was Safe!

Well we were getting a bit beaten this morning by our opposing U/6 Soccer team.

The Half time whistle sounded – I know cause I was the Ref.

We packed down on our cut up apple pieces and reviewed our strategy for the second half.
We started the second half and All seem to be going to plan, there was a bit of a tight tussle in the middle of the pitch with Jack and a few opponents fighting out for the ball when it happened.

The Head Clash!

Jack was left lying on the grass a bit worse for wear, I went over to check him out and make sure he was alright. He started to stand up with me helping him and .......

The eyes rolled back......

The lips went blue......

And down he went.....

He was out for just a few seconds but it was enough.

Ambulance was called...... and funnily enough one of the mothers of the opposing team was a surgeon, so she had a look at him and made sure there was nothing to major happening to him right then.

The Ambulance has had a busy day so they told us it might be a while.
After an hour of him being observed in the First aid room, I rang the ambulance to let them know I was going to transport him myself to the local hospital.

2 minute drive from the soccer complex.

After a check out by the Triage nurse and feeling comfortable in Jack’s state of alertness (and being frequent visitors to the ED with Kate. The Triage was actually one of Kate’s nurses.) I decided that he would be OK to take home (again 90sec drive away from the ED) and observe him from home.

The Triage gave us the list and time frames of what to look out for and so far Jack has been his old self, But he’ll probably sleep in with me tonight.

This is the second time Jack has done this to us, when he was about 18mths old he bounced off a small exercise ball down onto a gym mat and did the same thing – Rolled eyes – Blue lips – Out for a few seconds.

Don’t think he’ll take up boxing as a sport I think he’s got a bit of a glass jaw.

Anyway he’s all good now and I’m sure nothing will come of it.

And to think we stopped him from playing league in case he got hurt.

Winners are Grinners!

What a week end so far of Sport.

Friday night was the official opening on the Townsville Junior Soccer season and it started with a march past of all the clubs.

Annandale Falcon's was the second in the order of marchers but we were definitely the loudest with us winning the March Past.

Please excuse the pics as they were from the mobile phone

Jack displaying the coveted trophy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

My Sparkling Student!

On Wednesday Kate received a "Sparkling Student Award"

Each week one student receives this award from each class.

It's then presented to them by the Principal.

Kate had no idea she was getting the award and her teacher text ed me to let me know so I was able to go the assembly.

I snuck in so Kate didn't know I was there either so it was a big surprise for her.

I was so proud of her as she drove her chair up to the podium by herself with one of her friends in tow and received her award

Monday, March 16, 2009

Soccer Game

Well the day had come,
Finally it had stopped raining long enough for the playing ground to dry out and get mowed.
The U/6 Annandale Falcons Kookaburras had their first taste in competition.

It was supposed to be 4 a side but the opposing side only had 3 turn up so we decided to go with 3 a side.

Lucky we did as our team needed those valuable subs throughout the first half (15min)

Jack was playing in the number 3 jersey with the smallest socks I could get him
(They still came up under his shorts...Hahahah)

Jack kicked off the 2nd half with an absolute scorcher...

And with a bit of aggressive defense...

ended a game with his mates.

Team mate no.4 had already taken off to the canteen for an Ice cream so this week it was just the boys.
Well done Jack!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Big Day

Well Tomorrow is the big day...

Jack has his first U/6 soccer game


I am the coach...


Cause it is a home game

also the Ref.

So I'm busy studying the U/6 rules......Hahahahah

Pics tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What a week!!

What a few weeks it has been.

You when something one bad thing happens Then lots of bad things follow?

Well it started off with the passing of Leighton Dowker...

Then another friend of mine lost his daughter (13yo) - was expected but that doesn't make much difference.

RIP Stacey

This all made me stress out a bit when Will had to go into hospital to get his adenoids and tonsils out then get grommets put into his ears.

Surgery and a stay over night at hospital.

As you could imagine I was relieved to have him home this morning.