Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stormy Times

The other night one of the boys (Jack) slept in with me and therefore I went to bed early. About 20:30. Therefore I was awake at 01:30 thinking what am I going to do now.

There was a bit of a storm out to the North so I thought I might grab the camera and have a bit of a play with the lightening...

If you look really closely you can see the lightening. (really closely LOL)

Was good fun but the Mozzies got me in the end.

Santa's Radio

Santa Bought me a UHF radio for my Beloved Delica for Xmas and Today I installed it - myself - I'm so proud

Had a bit of fun doing it and am looking forward to giving it a run on our next Delica Day Out.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas,

Well the day is here and the tree is full, the kids are still asleep and it's already hot as.

Last night was our drive around town to check out all the lights - so as to tire out the kids so they would sleep in a little bit LOL.. seems to have worked.

Hope everyone gets what they want this year..

again Merry Christmas...


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I wanna do this next year!!

Click Here!!

Happy Birthday Will

It was Will's Birthday yesterday and this is the cake (Choc fudge Browine) that he wanted..
And He wanted to make it..(with some help from Dad.)

"I just want to read!!"

"And I'm going to make my own.."

Happy Birthday my Big 4 year old..

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Paluma - again

Well back now from the Paluma trip,

We nearly didn't make it, we had to take Kate to Hospital on Friday morn with her cyclic vomiting,
Fortunately with our new letter for the ED she was treated straight away in stead of "we'll just observe her for a few hours" and quick treatment (sedation) means only an overnight stint but this time with obliging doctors Kate was home Friday night Yay!!

It was one on those trips – good and bad!!
The venue was great,

the weather was great.

I forgot nearly all the important stuff, (after Kate being in hospital and all)
And the Kids (boys) were atrocious LOL.

I even took them on a big bush walk to try and kill off some energy and they were little angels, as soon as we opened the door to the room they turned in the devil himself.
I’m sure my brother and I were never like that (right Mum?).

Our Lollie Lunch..

Kate being not 100% didn’t help, neither me forgetting the Panadol, Or a syringe for her seizure meds, or food for lunch or…should I go on!

All in all when we arrived home tonight everyone was happy and felt like they had a good time, and that was the main aim.
Donna didn’t even take her phone with her!!!

Where are my Grapes and Palmfronds??

It’s Will’s birthday tomorrow (22nd) so we’ll leave it up to him to what we will do. That should be fun. Ha.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Xmas Lights

Decided we'd put up some lights this year. We always say we'll buy them in the Boxing Day sales but never do, So here they are!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Crocs

It has been a big week with Kate finishing school and all but:

Friday saw Jack and I in the workshop making a tray for our Xmas decoration!

My Little Tradie

Then Friday night was our usual Strand trip for Macca's - but this time we had Fish and Chips and it was bloody Terrible!!

And a play on the Spider Web.

Kate and Will were off taking 'Lady' for a walk with Julia!

I had won two tickets to the Basketball to see the Crocs play Thanks to MacDonalds McCafe.
So I took Jack - and he bought a Crocs hat and Had it signed by two of the players!

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Paluma Recon

On Sat we went for a drive up the Paluma Range to Lake Paluma to check out some summer camping spots.

It was deadset 10 deg cooler than in town, which was a godsend for Sat.

The drive is a beaut one, about 3/4's of the way up we reached the clouds and down came the windows and up went the sunroof and rear curtains. For about 20mins we drove through thick cloud (this was at about 10am).

On reaching the village we stopped off at the local Cafe/Inn and sampled some of their scones and cake. As were a group of 7 Bike riders also enjoying the cool day out.

After a quick bite it was then onto the dirt and out to the Lake.

A bit of a cruise around by Kate and her chair we soon picked out some good (accessible) camp spots.
A check out of the toilets and all was set for a future trip for sure.

The Kids had a play in the water (no stingers here) and then another bite to eat it was back into the car, back down the mountain and to finish it off a stop at Frosty Mango for some late afternoon ice cream.

This should be the next trip for the Delica Club NQ Chapter for sure.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Hana's Birthday

I know it’s been a while but things have been so busy with the end of the school year and all.

Last week end my niece Hana had her first birthday and we headed over to Magnetic Island for her party. It was the kids first time on the barge.

A couple of mates that I used to work with were working on the barge on Saturday so the kids had a go at steering the barge and got a good view from the wheelhouse.
The weather was superb for us on the island but Townsville copped a bit of a storm while the party was going on.