Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another Island Trip!

Once again we headed over to the Island for a few days to visit Mum and Dad, Wade, Miki and Hana and this time we organised a decent meet up with Cooper64 and family.

Wednesday saw a drive out to West Point which I hadn't been for ages so that was pretty cool, The night before saw a bit of rain which made the trip a bit more fun for the kids (big and small - They told me to drive fast through the mud....honest).

This is a Mate's Delica:

The road was so rough it put Hana to sleep.

Who needs a Delica when you have a Roller Rad with BMX tires I say!

After West Point we all headed to Horseshoe bay where we had some fish and chips then Ice-cream on the beach front.

Thursday saw a cruise out to Radical Bay where once again the kids had a play on the beach, Saw some Koala's in the wild and we got another chance to fling some mud on the Deli's.

What a fantastic few days A big thank you to Mum and Dad, Wade, Miki and Hana and the Cooper Family and friends.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Parades

Well Thursday saw Will's Day care have their annual Easter Bonnet Parade.

Will made this bonnet and then the classes paraded them around and then have an Easter Egg hunt and eat as many eggs as they can in a short period of time.
Oh the joys of childhood.

Donna attended this one as Kate was doing an Easter Presentation at the same time at her school.

So I watched Kate.

Kate had to say a line of a prayer that her class performed for the whole school.

Well done Both Will and Kate!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

NQ Razorbacks

On Sunday the NQ Razorbacks had a home Game against Olympic FC from Brisbane and the Annandale Falcons were the home supporters club.

That means the kids got to run out the players onto the field and stand with them during the National Anthem.

During the half time break we also got to put on a demonstration game in the middle with our players.

Obviously Jack was one on those players.

It's the biggest crowd he played in front of yet.....

Back To Therapy!

Kate headed back to therapy this week.

In the past Kate does not do 'therapy' very well.

As a typical 7yo girl she does not like to be told what to do....


Looks like she havig fun Huh!

What a Blinder!

Well the Annandale Falcons U/6 Kookaburras had a blinder last week end.
I was so proud of all of them, but especially proud of Jack.

He had a great game.

A few times I thought he might have lost his cool but he didn’t and for that we decided to award him “Player of the Week”.

It’s a really hard thing to do as a parent and coach to award your own child an award but I really think he deserved it.

Well Done Jack!

The Player and the Manager!