Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Anzac Day

Well today was Anzac Day and it was the first time Jack and Kate have been to the parade. Our neighbour is in the army and they wanted to see him march. It was a fantastic day! The diggers, the horses, the old vehicles, the flags, everything.
I would love to sit down and have a beer tonight but I'm still on the antibiotics so so much for that. I was so proud today that there was such a big crowd and of all the old diggers from all the campaigns and of course of all the kids out there watching. Hopefully today will be remembered by my kids as a great day.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Postcards from the West

Here's a pic of Kate reading a postcard from Nana and Poppy who are holidaying in Western Australia. The boys love getting the postcards read to them at night time. Nonna read this postcard to Kate lunch time yesterday. Kate had speech today and is really vocalising a fair bit. Had the police around last night. The neighbors over the road were drunk and doing burnouts outside their house. Four other neighbors also rang the police and when they came (police) all of us (about 6) stood out the front of our place and told the police what has been happening the last couple of years. The silly fool actually blew up his diff while he was doing a burnout. They started to abuse the police (2 Sergent's and a snr constable) so the police told us that they were going to do lots of drive bys and if anything happens again to ring them straight away. They booked them for parking on the footpath. Anyway it will still be an expensive exercise to get his diff fixed silly fool. Well must go I'm cooking a roast pork to dinner with lots of roast veges (plus corn and capsicums etc.).

Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Day After

Today we went to Reef HQ and the the The Museum of Tropical North Queensland. The kids had a ball, made some drawings and did some dancing finished off with a trip to MacDonald's. Well the stout is going off quite nicely, looking forward to that. I'm going to pack up the tent this arvo cause it looks like rain here. I'd like to mow the yard tomorrow. Could be a rough trip to Palm tomorrow as well. I need to go and do my tips so I'll blog soon.
Cheers Droopy.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


All 5 of us have been camping in the backyard for the last three days so we're all a bit tired. I'm leading the footy tips at school at the moment but not for too long I think. Sunferries want me for 3 shifts this fortnight starting this Friday going to Palm. Interesting! Any way I'm cooking a beef Pie with puff pastry on top for the Kids. Here's a pic of the Pie. It was delicious!
Pic of Jack is at the International,
Pic of Kate is obviously at home at Easter,
Pic of Will decorating me while I'm pretending to be asleep.
Well Donna is at a Lions meeting and the Kids are asleep so I'm going to brew a Dockside Stout for winter.

Cheers Droopy.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


No Current photos of the kids but here's one of lady. She's starting to get some long legs. I'm in a NRL tipping comp at school and got seven picks last week on a wild card which doubled my points. I went from 37th to 2nd. Tommorrow we are all going to the island for lunch with Jan, Granma and Grandad at the International. Hopefully we will be able to go a bit more often if it works. !!! I'm taking the camera so hopefully lots more picks to come. Kate's been doing really well at physio and school. She took me the other day as show and tell. Each afternoon Kate and I have been having a long swim together. The water is starting to get a bit cooler. We were thinking of going camping over Easter but I think we might just set up the tent in the back yard. Donna bought the kids baskets for them to line as nests for the easter bunny to leave their eggs and presents in the other day so that will be our project for Saturday. Have the raffles at the cowboys on Sunday for the CPLQ but of course I'll be doing that by myself, Jan says she'll come and help if I want. It would be nice if some of the other parents might help once in a while. We only need to raise another $5000.00 to get the trial wheelchair for Townsville, we (mainly Donna) have already raised $13000.00 so we'regetting close. Well have a big day tomorrow so I'm going to catch some sleep. Blog soon.
Cheers Drewpy.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kids Asleep

Kids are asleep but all is well. Had a big brekkie of bacon and eggs this morning. Here's a couple of pics. One of Will on my bike and one of me working on the

'fools gold' charter. I'm just trying to finish as assignment so I'd better keep going. I'll blog soon.